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The Story Of Our Engagement

A little background information needs to be given before we start the story.  Amanda is a bit of a private person and doesn’t like to be the center of attention at all.  Alex is a computer nerd.  He is a professional web developer.  The nerdiness has always been something Amanda has loved about Alex.  So instead of doing a big production of the engagement downtown in front of everyone, he figured she’d be more comfortable with the way the proposal went.  Shortly after we got together, we started with the cute nicknames that every couple has.  Our nickname for each other is lobster.  If you are familiar with the show Friends, there was an episode where Phoebe calls Ross and Rachel lobsters, because lobsters fall in love and mate for life. They are together, in love and holding each other's hand, until their dying day.  Also, prior to the engagement, Alex had asked both her dad and her mom and her husband for permission to marry Amanda.

For the couple's one year anniversary, Alex had a big plan of things to do.  All of them revolving around our first date.  She had no idea what was going on for that weekend, she only knew that we were going to be here in Indy.  She asked that he had a bottle of champagne for some point during the night because it was our anniversary.  The proposal night started with me driving her to dinner, where he revealed to her the plans for the rest of the evening.  Their one year anniversary would actually be the ‘perfect’ first date for the couple.  On the first date, Alex and Amanda went to Cheeseburger in Paradise on Southport and enjoyed a great meal of burgers and margaritas.  After dinner for our first date, we had planned on going to Christmas at the Zoo.  Problem is that we spent 3 hours at Cheeseburger and the zoo was closing right as we got there.  So for the anniversary, the couple actually went to dinner early enough that they had time to relax and chat as well as go to the zoo.  So, Christmas at the Zoo was the next stop where they walked around and went to the dolphin show, which was the first dolphin show she’d seen since she was a little girl.    On the first date because the zoo was closed, we went to the circle and got Starbucks cause it was so cold.  So we did that as well for theiranniversary.  As we were leaving downtown, he told her that was the night and that he had nothing else planned for the evening.  Afterwards, we headed back to our apartment.

Shortly after we get home, he called her into our office and have her go look at this website.  The website is ForMyLobster.com.  As she reads through the site, he pulls out his prepared speech (so he didn’t forget anything) and puts the ring box in his pocket.  After she reads the home page of the site, which tells the story of their history, it says, “After she finishes reading the story of their amazing love together, she turns around…   To be continued”.  She turns around and I read the prepared speech, which centered around our song “Love Song” by 311.  Shortly after she started tearing up from the cute story, he started to cry tears of happiness as well.  It made it hard to get through the speech, but she says it was one of her favorite parts of the proposal.  At the end of the speech, he got down on one knee and asked her to make the me happiest man in the world, asked for her hand and heart for the rest of our lives, and asked “Will you marry me?”.  Of course, she said yes.  The last surprise of the evening was the bottle of champagne that she had requested prior to the anniversary.