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Bridal Party

Courtney Kesler

Courtney Kesler - Maid of Honor

Courtney and Amanda met at IUPUI when they rushed Phi Mu. They immediately became friends and have been close ever since.
Brianna Wheeler

Brianna Wheeler - Bridesmaid

Brianna and Amanda met through Brianna's step sister and they bonded over Chick Fil A breakfast. Amanda has adopted Brianna as her own.
April Daugherty

April Daugherty - Bridesmaid

April and Amanda met while rushing Phi Mu. April is also an esteemed member of the Foxy Four.
Megan Robinson

Megan Robinson - Bridesmaid

Megan and Amanda met at IUPUI while both were members of the Student Activities Programming Board. Megan was Amanda's influence in rushing Phi Mu and later became Amanda's Big Sister. Megan is also a honored member of the Foxy Four.
Diana Richards

Diana Richards - Bridesmaid

Diana and Amanda met while rushing Phi Mu. Often thought of as soul mates, Diana and Amanda share a strong bond over such things like Jimmy Fallon, Harry Potter, and RENT. Diana is also a founding member of the Foxy Four.
Eric Baker

Eric Baker - Best Man

Eric is Alex's little brother. The two have been close friends for years and have always enjoyed each other's company.
Joshua Starr

Joshua Starr - Groomsman

Joshua Starr is Alex's co-worker and business partner. The two have been friends for several years and became business partners about 2 years ago.
Garrett Thomas

Garrett Thomas - Groomsman

Garrett is one of Alex's fraternity brothers. The two were friends before Garrett joined Tau Kappa Epsilon but their friendship grew after both were involved in the IUPUI chapter of TKE.
Clint Reedy

Clint Reedy - Groomsman

Clint is Amanda's older brother.
Jeff Putka

Jeff Putka - Groomsman

Jeff is Alex's little fraternity brother. They became friends while in TKE and have become closer as they work together.